Bali is an enchanting island, also called “The Island of the Gods” and one of the most beautiful islands of the Indonesian archipel. The wonderful climate, beaches, natural beauty, culture, volcanoes, many monuments and the great atmosphere that prevails on the island guarantee a heavenly stay.

Welcome to Villa Pantai on Bali.

I have called the new villa  Pantai which means in Balinese beach.

Wake up overlooking your private pool, beautiful tropical Balinese garden and the sea. Following a delicious and healthy breakfast in the sun on your terrace or in the shade of the original Balinese “bale benong”. Just enjoy a great vacation on the beautiful and sunny island of Bali.

A great way to pamper yourself, relax, swim, snorkel or even dive from your own beach. Of course you can also travel from here to the many sights on the island. My driver wil be happy to serve you.

All this I can offer in Villa Pantai, a brand new villa situated directly on the ocean.

The villa has accommodation for 4 people and there is a permanent staff for your convenience.

The house can be rented by 4 or 5 people. In one of the bedrooms has an extra bed so you can stay with 5 people. Are you with more people, we can also offer luxury 2-person lodges which are located near the villa.

It is also possible to rent the villa for 2 people. In this case you have access to 1 bedroom / bathroom and all facilities the home offers. (Sometimes it happens that you have the other bedroom is also rented).

The local fishermen sailing in the night and come back at noon with fresh tuna or mahi-mahi fish. This already can be served at your diner. The fisherman like to take you in one of their boats for a romantic sunset trip, just ask them.

Sometimes a school of dolphins passes along and if you’re really lucky you’ll even meet a whale spraying a beautiful fountain of water.

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